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What some people have said after attending a Dare to Dream! Event

“I am taking away precious memories, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. A big thank you”
Janet – Warwickshire

“This event was excellent and has given me everything I was hoping for (and more). Thank you for this wonderful life-changing experience”   Claudia – Brighton

“It was everything I hoped it would be - Fantastic”   Leon – Somerset

“My life has changed since attending – C’est genial”    MJ – France

“A big thank you for organising such an extraordinary experience - truly professional and life changing”
Dr Paresh – London


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Here are some comments about the Speakers facilitating the
Living Abundantly Now Workshop

Testimonials – Valery Coburn

“Thank you for guiding me through our session and for your fabulous thoughts and gentle prompts. It felt like a very special occasion and a great blessing.”   Anne, Bournemouth

“Valery gently encouraged me to reach into myself and offered some insights, which enabled me to journey inward still further…
It was amazing; I feel a difference at a subtle level, which has liberated me emotionally and spiritually. It feels like I have reached into my soul and found who I am, and now have a sense of excitement about how and what I can be in the world.
Thank You”

Janice, Bournemouth

“Through the course of my life I have needed guidance and direction from one source or another. What better person than Valery to gently help me interpret/shed light not only on the people in my life but various aspects and situations that have been clouded by my judgement.
Fascinating to say the least.
Thank you Valery
With Love,”

Toni, Sussex

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today. I certainly learnt a huge amount and feel strong enough to start my own spiritual journey.”   Dee, Poole

“I just wanted to say thanks so much. It was tremendous, and an experience I won't forget.”   Lisa, Weymouth

Testimonials - Anya Slatter

“Dear Anya. Your knowledge and understanding of why people do what they do has helped me move on and make a major shift in my life; as a result I feel happy and confident. I am going to recommend you to anyone that wishes to make long lasting changes in their life. I am grateful for your help.”   P.D. Christchurch (Dorset)

“Thank you Anya; you communicate clearly, effectively and you care. Now I am excited about my life and my future”   Catherine – Poole

“Dear Anya, I feel inspired and have renewed determination to change my life this year - a huge thank you”
Brenda – Bournemouth

“I thought that I knew this stuff but my life was not working. When I met Anya & started on her personal development programme, I stopped being a seeker; I had found!! At last”   Sue – Hants

“I love Rev Anya's talks on Sundays; they inspire me for the whole week”   Philip – Poole

Testimonials - Stephen Coburn

“Stephen makes the workshops very enjoyable and gives wonderful help and support. I would thoroughly recommend him both as a practitioner and as a teacher.”   Jenifer, Suffolk

“It only took a matter of minutes but the results were immediate and impressive. After only a few sessions he totally changed the impact of my past.”   Elaine, Ringwood, Dorset

“Stephen is a true inspiration. He is a loving, generous, gifted teacher with a brilliant sense of humour. I found him a joy to work with and I feel privileged to have benefited from his wealth of experience.”
Angela, Newbrook (Bangor, Co. Down)

“What sets Stephen apart from other Practitioners I have trained with is both his professionalism and his warm empathic approach that makes everyone feel so welcome, special and safe.”
Graham G Glynn (Poole, Dorset).

“Dear Stephen, I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday and it was very inspiring to see it used in a very successful way against pain. You are a brilliant master at what you do and as a result a great teacher.”
Sarah, Broadstone, Poole

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