Conference 2016 Speakers

Harry Morgan Moses

Harry Morgan Moses

"Happiness is an inside job"

Harry Morgan Moses, as featured in the movies ‘Living Luminaries’ & ‘What is New Thought’ is an acclaimed author, teacher, TV and radio presenter (USA). Harry is passionate about teaching and through his inimitable style, wisdom and experience guides his audience to deeper fulfilment, joy and purpose in their lives

Returning to the UK by popular demand

“Harry Morgan Moses is a dynamic speaker. More importantly, he gets across his message…in an easy to understand style. I highly recommend him.” LOUISE L. HAY

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Edwene Gaines

Edwene Gaines

"Imagine if you could achieve a life of true prosperity"

International Speaker and Author of the bestseller ‘Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity’ Edwene is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s foremost prosperity teachers. Her seminars are hugely popular - 1000’s of people have discovered their own personal empowerment and purpose to achieve lives of success. Edwene in her own words is a Woman of Power

Edwene will be teaching her prosperity programme exclusively in the UK at our 2016 conference

“Edwene Gaines is ‘a prosperity pioneer’ the likes of which the world has never seen...Read, practice, enjoy, and prosper” CATHERINE PONDER

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James Mellon

James Mellon

‘Love, forgive and remember who you are’

A gifted, humorous and inspiring speaker, teacher, musician and spiritual Director of the Global Truth Center in Los Angeles James is the creator of several self-enhancement programmes which attract hundreds of participants. His intention is ‘to empower people to know that they can have it all – not because of what they do – but because of who they are’

Speaking in the UK for the first time

“Never limit your view of life by any past experience” ERNEST HOLMES – Founder of the Science of Mind Philosophy

We warmly welcome James on his first visit to the UK New Thought Conference.

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"Discover your unopened gifts - tap into your hidden treasures"

‘Vibrant – Hilarious – Totally Inspiring’ – just some of the adjectives used to describe our musical team of Grammy nominated singer, songwriter Karen Taylor-Good and award winning musician and writer Stowe Dailey. They promise to take you on ‘a musical journey to the soul’ – a fun, loving and authentic experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and on fire to do what you do best

Performing for the first time in the UK

Praise for our musical duo:

“I already knew that Karen Taylor-Good is an immensely talented songwriter, entertainer and a magnificent soul. Still, I was unprepared for the depth and sweet power of her musical book.”

Praise for Stowe’s book written in collaboration with Calvin Lehew

“I loved reading this book. The authors share many beautiful truths, an abundance of inspiration, and numerous powerful lessons you will use immediately to improve the quality of your life”

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Also music by

Laura Topper & Jason Salmon

Laura Topper and Jason Salmon

Together Laura and Jason bring their music to life to inspire self-healing and love.

Laura's music allows the seeds of her magical words and songs to flourish and grow into exquisiteness of joy, love and faith. She embraces her Metaphysical leanings and knowledge and the power of song as a complete healing tool. It is Laura's deepest intention that her music reaches and touches hearts and allows space for empowered healing, inspiration and Love.

Jason's experience and knowledge as a musician and recording artist spans three decades; playing, recording and travelling the world with internationally acclaimed bands as a gifted bass guitarist. In more recent times Jason's path has lead him to discovering the magic of healing through music as he follows his true path and brings the power of his music to the world.


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Laura & Jason



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