DARE TO DREAM! Conference 2010 Speakers

2010 Conference

August Gold

August Gold


August Gold is recognized as a leading inspirational and influential speaker and authority on personal development.

A Teacher and Counsellor for 20 years she gives transformational talks, always provocative, always uplifting. Her talks are designed to empower people in all areas of their lives - whatever is up - from fear and loss, to love and money, from illness to forgiveness - it's about getting to the source of what's truly happening.

August is a pre-eminent teacher of stories, Soul-Work and the Tao Te Ching. Her captivating story-telling weaves exciting ideas and concepts and leads people to make discoveries for themselves. She says: "Your soul's still small voice is not a concept - it is a reality that you can easily access. This place of incredible wisdom dwells within you, a couple of breaths deeper than you ordinarily go". With her guidance, techniques and insights August will take you to the next level.

August is the author of nine books, including 'The Prayer Chest: A Novel About Receiving All of Life's Riches' and the award-winning children's book - Where Does God Live? She co-founded Sacred Center New York and served as Spiritual Director for more than 8 years. She frequently guest-speaks at conferences, centres and other organisations in the USA. Her weekly talks attract hundreds of people.

August Gold is an ordained interfaith minister; she has written for Science of Mind magazine and appeared on national television. She is also the co-author of the Think & Grow Rich Workbook and the forthcoming Prayer Partners. She lives in Connecticut with her partner.

“I have used prayer chests for many years, with great results. I applaud your book on the subject. It is much needed for informational and inspirational purposes in these times.”
  - Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamics Laws of Prosperity

2010 Conference

Karen Russo

Karen Russo

“The beautiful being I know as Rev Karen Russo is a faithful servant, student and teacher of Universal Spiritual principles”
  - Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder, Agape International Spiritual Center & featured in The Secret

     - Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation - for the first time in the UK -

An insightful and dynamic speaker and teacher, Karen Russo combines universal spiritual principles and sound financial strategies to guide you toward conscious wealth creation. As the author of 'The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom & Real Financial Power' and a frequent keynote speaker, Karen helps you reach spiritual money mastery; an inspired, empowered and productive state of being (and doing!) that creates peace and prosperity in your life - and achieve BIG financial results.

With her unusual blend of experience as an MBA from Columbia University, an accomplished corporate trainer and a Science of Mind Minister, Karen shares insights from over 20 years of success in secular and spiritual realms.

Karen has been featured numerous times on American TV, radio and magazines; she is a co-author, along with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Marie Diamond (Diamond Feng Shui), of the best-selling book: Strategies for Success.

As well as delivering transformational talks, Karen leads coaching groups and offers self-study programmes, showing you how to break through to new levels to reach your personal and financial goals. Her book The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, freedom and Real Financial Power, has endorsements from her teachers Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith, Loral Langemeier and T. Harv Eker, and a foreword by Bob Proctor.

“Karen Russo is a powerful and intelligent teacher who weaves together an unusual blend of business education with timeless spiritual truths”
  - Bob Proctor, author of 'YOU Were Born Rich' & featured in The Secret

2010 Conference

Dore Jacques Patlian

Doré Jacques Patlian

Doré is the living proof that the Science of Mind Principles work. Born with a severe case of cerebral palsy, Doré was diagnosed as permanently disabled, consigned to life in a wheel chair and expected to be totally blind by every top clinic and hospital of the time.
Thankfully his mother knew better! With the help of the Science of Mind philosophy, the power of Spiritual Mind treatment and the teaching of Dr Ernest Holmes (Founder of Science of Mind), she was able to help Doré walk and run and see normally by the age of 4.

After a successful career as an educator and 'not for profit' executive, Doré rediscovered Science of Mind in his 40's and began his journey back to empowerment

Doré has travelled to 49 of the 50 states in the US and all across Canada, teaching and empowering people to heal, expand, grow and prosper. He is an incredibly inspiring and dynamic speaker and teacher - his message is that you can change your life. You can create Heaven right here, right now; each one of us is a champion - a victor. He strongly believes that victimhood is a choice not a reality of life - his own life is a testament to this belief.

Doré holds a BA in History from California State University, Northridge and graduate study at UCLA. He is an ordained minister and has recently started a web based teaching and healing ministry - Awakened Heart Ministries - with the potential to reach and empower millions.

“Everything you desire already exists as a possibility in Life.
There is something deeper than the intellect, something which cannot and need not be rationalized”
  - Dr Ernest Holmes - Founder of the Science of Mind philosophy

2010 Conference

Kathy Juline

Kathy Juline

Kathy Juline absolutely walks her talk.

She has been a follower of the Science of Mind philosophy for over 25 years, started working for the Organisation in 1984 and was editor of the Science of Mind magazine from 1989 to 1993. Over the years she has contributed feature articles and interviewed numerous leaders and major figures in the 'New Thought' Movement.

She is the Author of 'It Is About You: Living Fully, Living Free Through the Creative Power of Your Thought' - a book which teaches techniques to change your life, using Science of Mind Principles. Her style is clear and concise and easy to follow, even for the complete beginner. But don't be fooled by the simplicity - it is a powerful book that is capable of transforming lives!

Kathy is a truly inspiring and spiritual teacher; she will facilitate a workshop - based on her book - and share her insights, concepts and wisdom to lead her attendees to the understanding that life's treasures - such as joy, peace of mind, love, abundance, prosperity, happiness - are available to everyone, regardless of their past or present circumstances. All that's needed to step on this path is an open heart and a willingness to grow.

Kathy is a Practitioner, licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living; she serves on the Board of the Spiritual Living Archives Foundation, has an M.S.L.S degree from the University of Southern California and a J.D. degree from UCLA. Kathy lives in California with her husband Roger Juline

“Every thought we think is creating our future.”
  - Louise Hay - author of 'Heal your Life' & former Science of Mind Minister

2010 Conference

Roger Juline

Roger Juline

Science of Mind has been a way of life for Roger Juline for over 20 years. His dedication and achievements are remarkable which culminated in him being awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2009.

Dr Roger is an experienced and inspirational teacher and speaker; through skilful techniques, humour and understanding of human nature he guides his audience to their own discovery - always a powerful experience and often life changing.

Roger teaches classes, leads workshops, and serves on several Boards and committees, supporting the teaching of Science of Mind. He has written book reviews, Daily Guides and articles and conducted interviews for Science of Mind magazine.

Roger started on his spiritual journey very early on in life. He attended a Roman Catholic seminary and was sent to Rome for post-graduate study in theology. His academic work included Latin, Greek, Hebrew and archaeology, as well as philosophy and theology. But in the end it was the Science of Mind philosophy that won his heart and mind. Through this teaching he discovered that the Universe works through a pattern of Universal Laws and Principles and nobody needs to be at the mercy of circumstances.

Roger is married to Kathy; they live in California

“There is a power for good in the Universe, greater than we are, available to everyone, and we can use it.”
  - Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

2010 Conference

Michael Gott

Michael Gott

Spiritual Musician Extraordinaire !

Singer / pianist / songwriter Michael Gott is a performer you won't forget. From his background in such disparate musical disciplines as gospel, pop, opera, musical theatre, classical piano and jazz, he has developed his own unique and exciting performance style. He has been compared to many of the greats, but Michael is truly an original.

Michael lives in the Reno/Tahoe area of Nevada. In the past Michael performed in a variety of nightclubs and special event settings in the Dallas area for nearly 20 years. He had an engagement as music director and soloist at the Dallas Center for Spiritual Living - there he became familiar with the 'New Thought' philosophy and loved its message and significance which made so much sense. He started taking classes and graduated to become a Science of Mind Minister in 2009. To add to his long list of accomplishments - he is a vibrant and dynamic speaker delivering his message with heartfelt authenticity.

Michael is very much in demand for conferences and other special events. In recent years, he has shared the stage with such internationally known personalities as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and others.

Other accomplishments include: the release of nine albums, performances of his musical, Split Ends, (co-written and performed by Dea Vise) in Dallas and Los Angeles and of his chamber opera Five O'clock Call in Tulsa. In 2000 he co-wrote a new musical with librettists Joan Jenkins and Greta Muller called All Stressed Up With Nowhere To Go. The show first premiered in the 2001 Dallas Festival of Independent theatres. In April of 2002, it opened to rave reviews and sell-out crowds at the Kim Dawson Theater in Dallas. Michael's 10th album "Amazing Things" is about to be released (in July, 2010).

Come together,
Hands and dreams,
We will join together,
To build a place we can grow together.
Together we are home
From 'Come Together' - By Lainey Bernstein and Michael Gott

2010 Conference

Carol Logen

Carol Logen

Carol is a powerful and talented singer and a musical visionary. Anyone listening to her exhilarating music and voice combined will come away inspired and uplifted. Carol's voice soars effortlessly with stunning clarity; her outstanding lyrics and vocals will take you to a place where you feel everything is possible.

Her love of the spiritual path has culminated in her becoming an interfaith minister - a teaching which allows her to express who she is. She co-founded Sacred Center New York - a thriving spiritual community where for many years she directed the music programme and led the renowned vocal ensemble One Voice.

Her music path has led her to six Broadway shows including Dreamgirls, Evita, Sweeney Todd and On the 20th Century.

Carol's music is extraordinary, powerful, uplifting, inspirational and contemporary.
What a treat!

Conference Organiser

2010 Conference

Anya Slatter

Anya Slatter

Anya is the Minister at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Bournemouth. She is committed to helping people to improve their lives.

Since 2004 and after many years of personal growth, study into the power of the mind and the psychology of successful living she runs Sunday Gatherings, facilitates workshops, teaches courses and also works with clients on a one-to-one basis.

She uses her knowledge of the Law of Attraction Principles, Science of Mind, NLP and EFT to help her clients in reaching their goals and dreams. Her approach is about integrating science and spiritual Principles. She guides people to release their blocks and unwanted patterns, heal their life and make a quantum leap in creating a new future.

Anya is a French national, a family person, a spiritual teacher, an inspiring speaker with a dynamic message of love and transformation. Her brand of spirituality is practical, uplifting and empowering.

Expand Your Mind… Unlock Your Potential… Manifest Your Desires…
Activate the Law of Attraction with The Power of Love

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