Weekend Programme Highlights

As in every moment you are creating your life experience
Why not learn to create the life you love!

Building and Empowering your Field of Dreams with  Mary Manin Morrissey

Mary Manin Morrissey photo2
  • Saturday
  • Talk:  Are you Ready to Live a Life of Passion and Purpose?
  • Discover:
  • Powerful thinking strategies that will guard you from fear, doubts and worry
  • How the most successful people in the world think into success
  • A proven method for achieving your greatest desires

  • Workshop:  Brave Thinking: Secrets for Accelerating Your Success
  • In this dynamic presentation you will learn life-changing tools:
  • Redesign your life from the inside out
  • Unleash your hidden gifts and talents
  • Create abundance and Prosperity by aligning with your true purpose and calling
  • Find passion, creativity, and balance in your work and your relationships

  • Sunday
  • Talk:  Empowering Your Dream
  • A Message from Mary:
  • “We will go on a journey together and during this journey there is an opportunity – should you choose to take it – to absolutely discover – and then find that you can deliver – the dreams of your own heart. Things you may have never thought were possible for you; opportunities and experiences.
  •  Your capacity for dream building is unlimited, as you will discover”
  • “Mary Morrissey has been one of my most important friends and teachers… To be exposed to her wisdom is to be exposed to a mighty power”   Marianne Williamson

Discover how to Live your Life on Purpose with  Dennis Merritt Jones

Dennis Merritt Jones photo2
  • Saturday
  • Talk:  The Art of Being
  • Who is it YOU have come here to be?
  • In this session you’ll learn the 3 practices that will help you create a life truly worth living; a life that is ‘on purpose’

  • Sunday
  • Talk:  The Art of Uncertainty
  • There is no area of your life where you are not forced to step onto the pathway of uncertainty at one point or another. Why not enter the mystery consciously and intentionally. In this session you’ll learn 3 crucial steps to coming to the edge of your uncertainties with trust and faith.
  • Come… and prepare to fly!

  • Workshop:  Practicing the Power of Presence
  • In this workshop you will learn Mindfulness Practices
  • To ‘BE’ in the Now
  • To live in the mystery of life (the unknown) and love it
  • To balance and heal relationships in every area of your life
  • To get out of your box and create a life that you will love
  • To be a conscious director of life’s energy

How the Power of Love can transform Your Life with  Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader of CSL

Kenn Gordon photo2
  • Saturday
  • Talk:  What is the Power of Love and How to Access it?
  • We all have access to a reservoir of infinite possibilities and wisdom. What we don’t always have is the knowledge and the tools to be able to tap into this reservoir at will and consistently.
    In this talk you will discover how to consciously plug into this limitless source in order to manifest your life with deliberate intention. This power is available for you –your health, your relationships, your prosperity and your happiness …

  • Sunday
  • Talk:  The Greatest Gift of them all – Freewill
  • In this presentation you will find out that spiritual beliefs really do enhance every areas of your life
  • Do we really have freewill?
  • Mind, Body & Spirit as one
  • Spiritual practices to change unwanted beliefs

Fulfillment: Living Your Authentic Life with  Michael Gott

Michael Gott photo2
  • Saturday evening: 8.30–9.30 (approx)
  • An evening with Michael Gott
  • Talk intertwined with beautiful inspiring music
  • How can we live a life of greater purpose and meaning? By being our authentic self and giving our gift to the world. Michael will help you to discover the ‘shape of your soul’ by asking:
  • What is the desire of your heart?
  • What are your unique gifts and talents?
  • What are your real interests?
  • What you do value?

How to Love Your Life at every age with  Bonnie Fatio –Your ‘AgeEsteem’ Catalyst

Bonnie Lou Fatio photo2
  • Saturday
  • Talk:  Feeling Good About Yourself at the age you are today, every day
  • Your state of mind plays a major role in delaying the aging process
  • Celebrating who we are
  • Embracing your age with a joyful outlook
  • It’s never too late to live our dreams

  • Sunday
  • Workshop:  How to grow a Positive Attitude towards aging
  • Feel confident and secure in who you are at the age you are
  • Age with vitality and purpose
  • Simple technique to discover, renew and enhance your passions

Also available throughout the weekend

  • One-to-one sessions with the speakers – by appointment – to personally guide you into a successful & fulfilling life
  • Special discounted offers on the speakers’ products & programmes
  • A wonderful selection of self-development programmes & spiritual books by human potential
  •    mentors & teachers
  • Spiritual music CDs
  • The opportunity to network & connect with positive, nurturing like-minded people

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All this and much more… with beautiful, spiritual music interludes throughout the 2 days

A true spiritual masterpiece!

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